Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Trip to Uganda: Amixture of emotions

Describing their trip to Uganda, my best friends-- Agie and Richmond could only say: "It was honestly a God moment, each part of Uganda has its own character and something different to offer. . .after sometime we thought our hearts would burst with excitment esp. als we watched the shadow of the clouds move over a mountain, it looked like a sea of ants creeping over the landscape.

And when it came to bungee jumping, it was so much fun for us as a couple to get to do this breath taking jump together, oh and before the jump the view over the Nile is beauty at its best"It was a wonderful mix of emotions :-)" the following courtesy photos can only help to express the above emotions. Thank you Agie and Richie for sharing your best Ugandan moments with us all..!

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